I Just Dyed

My hair. Back to purple … technically “Violet Vixen”. I’m not really sure why. I mean, I kinda know why. The gray (or as Tayla calls them, “silver”) hairs were scaring the shit out of me. My roots had grown out a few inches and I was just generally ready for a change. Plus, myContinue reading “I Just Dyed”

The Gift of Powerlessness

“I just wish I KNEW there was nothing more I could’ve done” my mom said to me this morning. “Mom. There WAS NOTHING more ANYONE could’ve done. As a mother, I know you would’ve done anything for her. We all would have. That’s the one thing that haunts me. I can’t help but think, ifContinue reading “The Gift of Powerlessness”

It’s Not Even Thursday

“How are you?” It still sounds like such an asinine question, yet I can’t help myself from asking it. I try to check in with my family on Thursdays. THE day. The past couple of Thursdays I’ve noticed an almost traumatic  response to the realization of the day. “Oh shit. It’s Thursday” I’ll think, likeContinue reading “It’s Not Even Thursday”

The Day the Laughter Died

Yesterday I read a Facebook post from a comedian I respect. His name is Ben Katzner and among other shows I’m sure, he hosts an open mic night (with fellow comedian Mike Lester on Wednesday nights at Dulono’s Pizza in Minneapolis- check them out!). He presented his dilemma of is it ok to be laughing andContinue reading “The Day the Laughter Died”

You’re Invited To My Pity Party!

I am at a loss tonight. Things are not looking better after a good night of sleep. Who’s sleeping? The longer Natalie is gone, the harder it gets. It’s difficult to even take a deep breath because grief is lying in wait. Keep the shallow breathing. Don’t make eye contact with people when they ask youContinue reading “You’re Invited To My Pity Party!”