Borrowed Time

I should be writing, I mean real writing. I mean, writing or working on a piece to be critiqued and/or sent out to various publications. What happened? I needed a break and … the internet. So, I’m clicking around, trying desperately to avoid anything related to politics and I see Pixar has made a newContinue reading “Borrowed Time”

Well SOMEBODY Must’ve Said It…

Just be yourself. I’m sure someone told me that. Then again, I can be pretty out there, so maybe I made it up? I don’t know. The point is, I’ve been sitting here for the last three hours trying to think of what to blog about that’s not super depressing. But I can’t. It’s SeptemberContinue reading “Well SOMEBODY Must’ve Said It…”

Am I a Masochist?

I’m really starting to wonder… Masochist: noun 1. Psychiatry. a person who has masochism, the condition in which sexual or other gratification depends on one’s suffering physical pain or humiliation. 2. a person who is gratified by pain, degradation, etc., that is self-imposed or imposed by others. 3. a person who finds pleasure in self-denial, submissiveness, etc. I’mContinue reading “Am I a Masochist?”

Overdose Awareness Day

I feel gutted. My head hurts, my eyes are puffy, my heart feels filleted and drained. I went to the Overdose Awareness Candlelight Vigil tonight, where a handful of people spoke about heroin, opioids, overdose, prevention, reversal and loved ones lost. It was very interesting to hear people from different areas of expertise talk aboutContinue reading “Overdose Awareness Day”