Deja Vu in the Twilight Zone

Friday morning we got our lease renewal form along with a notice from our rental company that our rent is increasing to nearly $1600.oo. “Do you want to move?” Don asked me. “To be honest, I haven’t loved the drive… to everywhere.” “I don’t want to move” he said. “Nobody WANTS to move, it’s a painContinue reading “Deja Vu in the Twilight Zone”

Meditation vs Rumination

via Daily Prompt: Ruminate Ruminate: to meditate on; ponder. Meditate: to engage in thought or contemplation; reflect. By their very definition, these two words look interchangeable. I’m not exactly sure what the difference is, only that for me, meditation has a positive connotation vs rumination, which I associate more with being “stuck in my head” or spinningContinue reading “Meditation vs Rumination”

That Makes Sense-Finally

I had an appointment yesterday with my med provider. We talked about the usual: sleeping (um, no), appetite (eh, I guess), mood? Bad. “Are you taking your meds as prescribed?” she asked “As prescribed? Sorta. Sometimes. No, not really” I confess. I have a pharmacy that packages my pills for me now. It’s been aContinue reading “That Makes Sense-Finally”

My Christmas Miracle…and Michael Jackson!

I expected this Christmas would be hard. Almost unbearable, even. But it’s just one day. I can make it through one more day, that’s what I told myself. For some reason, I’d compartmentalized my grief to just Christmas day. I don’t know why I thought I’d be “fine” until Christmas day but it doesn’t reallyContinue reading “My Christmas Miracle…and Michael Jackson!”

6 Month Anniversary, part 2: Afterwards at Shar’s

I’d planned out the day. I knew Saturday was going to be tough. We had the service in the late morning and then I’d have some down time which I desperately need but couldn’t allow myself to have. Not Saturday. My plans to clean and write and read and journal… a mustard burp in the wind.Continue reading “6 Month Anniversary, part 2: Afterwards at Shar’s”

6 Month Anniversary, part 1: Washburn-McReavy

Yesterday was the “Service of Remembrance”, I believe it was called, at the same Washburn-McReavy where Natalie’s viewing/wake was held. I’d been dreading it, as I’m sure we all were, but the fact that it was on the 19th, the six month mark exactly, made it a must attend event. I’d expected it would beContinue reading “6 Month Anniversary, part 1: Washburn-McReavy”