8 Late?

Wow. I just looked up the last time I posted and it’s been a month. To the day. So, four weeks, I usually blog twice a week… I’m eight posts behind! Eep. Sorry. I probably won’t be making those up, but I will try EXTRA hard to continue from here on out to stay onContinue reading “8 Late?”

I Auditioned for Listen To Your Mother

I did it! Again… For those who may not know, Listen To Your Mother is a yearly live production that “Gives Motherhood a Microphone”. It is made up of live readings on the good, the bad, the funny, the tragic, anything and everything that makes up motherhood. It is put on once a year, aroundContinue reading “I Auditioned for Listen To Your Mother”

And What I Really Want to Tell You Is…

I’m sorry. I know I’ve been underground lately. I’ve been busy and I’ve been depressed. I’ve had zero energy and less inspiration. The thought of having a phone conversation or trading texts or emails has been too much up to this point. Here’s the good news. I’m coming out of it. One of Rox’s standbyContinue reading “And What I Really Want to Tell You Is…”