Favorite Prompt

One of my writing teachers’ favorite prompts is “Since I saw you last”. There is too much to write about. I’m going to get back to writing. I am writing, just not blogging. I want to change that. Baby steps. I was going to title this post “Here’s my little toe” but I didn’t wantContinue reading “Favorite Prompt”

Honestly… Pregnancy Update and an Explantion for Why It’s Been So Long.

Wow. It’s been a few months… I’d wanted to blog along with my pregnancy, but something held me back. Fear, mostly. And feelings, not mine. Here’s the deal. Very early on in my pregnancy (5 weeks, I think) I was told by the doctor that my baby was not a baby. There had been aContinue reading “Honestly… Pregnancy Update and an Explantion for Why It’s Been So Long.”

Needles, Pills & Alcohol -Oh My!

There is probably a reasonable explanation, I just don’t know what it is. Maybe you can help me? I use Walgreens as my pharmacy because it’s close and because I can pretty much do everything I need from the app. About a month ago, I was scrolling down my list of meds that I neededContinue reading “Needles, Pills & Alcohol -Oh My!”

Heaven’s Reward Fallacy

Yesterday I blogged about being pregnant. I was excited and nervous, hoping I wouldn’t “jinx” it by doing so. I’ve had about 48 hours to sit with this new news. This wonderful, miraculous, terrifying news. I mentioned that I was aware of the health risks and I am… today it just seems overwhelming. I’m 40Continue reading “Heaven’s Reward Fallacy”