Why We Need to Stop Comparing Addiction to Cancer

First, I think we need to acknowledge there is a difference between drug use and drug abuse. Some people can use substances recreationally, not everyone can. People are hardwired differently. I don’t know why some people don’t have an issue with having one glass of wine at dinner, while others struggle. I’ve been noticing theContinue reading “Why We Need to Stop Comparing Addiction to Cancer”

Deja Vu in the Twilight Zone

Friday morning we got our lease renewal form along with a notice from our rental company that our rent is increasing to nearly $1600.oo. “Do you want to move?” Don asked me. “To be honest, I haven’t loved the drive… to everywhere.” “I don’t want to move” he said. “Nobody WANTS to move, it’s a painContinue reading “Deja Vu in the Twilight Zone”