“Welcome to High-Risk”

I’m going to start with a spoiler: Everything is fine. Now, for the story. Friday I had been having some light cramping. Saturday it was a little more intense and a little more consistent. I’ve been checking my blood sugars six times a day. Before meals and an hour afterward. My numbers started to getContinue reading ““Welcome to High-Risk””

Heaven’s Reward Fallacy

Yesterday I blogged about being pregnant. I was excited and nervous, hoping I wouldn’t “jinx” it by doing so. I’ve had about 48 hours to sit with this new news. This wonderful, miraculous, terrifying news. I mentioned that I was aware of the health risks and I am… today it just seems overwhelming. I’m 40Continue reading “Heaven’s Reward Fallacy”

Because I Don’t Feel Guilty Enough…

September is National Suicide Prevention and Awareness month. To honor the theme, I checked out the Netflix series exclusive: 13 Reasons Why. 13 Reasons Why starts with the voice of Hannah Baker, (Katherine Langford), detailing the 13 reasons (people) she has chosen to take her own life. This narrative takes place on 13 audio cassette tapesContinue reading “Because I Don’t Feel Guilty Enough…”

International Overdose Awareness Day

I thought I’d share the free write I did on Friday with my writing group. We started off by reading the obituary of Brian Doyle, writer and longtime contributor to The Sun magazine. If you’d like to read the beautiful tribute to Brian, click here. I felt some measure of pride hearing about how BrianContinue reading “International Overdose Awareness Day”