Not What I Expected…

So here it is again, Sunday. Time for Slapstick Sunday but I don’t feel so slapstick-y. I’m sure funny things have happened during the week yet I’m feeling more… sentimental. We took our daughter to get her hair cut today. Four inches fell to the floor in as many seconds. We took her in forContinue reading “Not What I Expected…”

Me & Celebrities: Famous People I’ve Been Compared To

The first time I was ever compared to anyone famous, it was Julia Roberts. Now don’t get all excited, like I did. We were at the Mall of America (see? Already a lapse in my judgement) and my blood sugars crashed. Not like “oh, I’m starting to feel weird(er), I think I might be going low”,Continue reading “Me & Celebrities: Famous People I’ve Been Compared To”