I’m Sorry, I Stink

Seriously. So bad. It started in my car. Yesterday I took Tayla to school. When I unlocked the car and opened the door, I was about knocked on my ass. The stench of rotten eggs wafted out. “Where is that coming from?” Tayla asked. “I don’t know. Dad probably farted, then slammed the door shutContinue reading “I’m Sorry, I Stink”

Why We Need to Stop Comparing Addiction to Cancer

First, I think we need to acknowledge there is a difference between drug use and drug abuse. Some people can use substances recreationally, not everyone can. People are hardwired differently. I don’t know why some people don’t have an issue with having one glass of wine at dinner, while others struggle. I’ve been noticing theContinue reading “Why We Need to Stop Comparing Addiction to Cancer”