Let This Day Move Slow — MakeItUltra™

  A bit of a double edged sword some days but overall a nice thought… If you enjoyed this don’t forget to like, comment and share! Click here to join the MakeItUltra™ Discussion Group on Facebook Click here to ask questions or make suggestions © 2016 MAKEITULTRA.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED AchieveYourUltraLife.com via Let This Day MoveContinue reading “Let This Day Move Slow — MakeItUltra™”

I Don’t Care About The Issues & I’m Still Voting!

Scared? Me too. I’m sure this will sound ignorant to many and it being a free country and all, for now, I couldn’t care less what people think about my voting strategy. My years of school have taught me that people pretty much vote for their party vs which candidate is best qualified. It makes sense.Continue reading “I Don’t Care About The Issues & I’m Still Voting!”