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In my last post I talked about why I was not voting for Donald Trump. I puzzled over how anyone with any kind of moral compass could…

Then, I did some research. I wanted to why people are voting for Donald Trump. Do they hate Hillary that much or do they have that much faith in The Donald?

Most of what I found was utter nonsense, though I did find a list of the most common issues people have with Hillary and I’m going to address them here.

In his article “25 Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton”, John Hawkins lays out his thinking… in a way, it’s pretty cool. Like watching an autopsy… How does he get to that conclusion?

Hawkins opens with the statement there are so many terrible things it’s hard to narrow them down but he’s decided to put his best reasons on the list. Keep this in mind, these are presumably the BEST reasons he has for not wanting Clinton as President.

1. Clinton is almost 69 years old. For the record, Trump is already 70. In 2012, Hillary Clinton experienced a “serious” head injury and now has a pronounced cough (?!?!?!?). The Presidency and the White House are a big responsibilities, we can’t have anyone who isn’t well doing the job.

Trump doesn’t have a head injury, that I know of, and I can tell from waaaayyyy over here in this little place in MN that he isn’t qualified to run the country based on the fact he has zero experience. I don’t know why the age requirement is 35 and not like, a ton of experience in the political arena…

2. “Secret Service agents considered being tasked with guarding her to be a form of punishment”.

What? By whom? This doesn’t even make any sense…

3. “Hillary demanded white house workers never speak to her and hide behind drapes when she appeared”.

Right. Hearsay. Where are you getting this information from? Even if it was true, maybe the workers were only like, a 4 and she shouldn’t have to be subjected to that kind of cruelty? Trump & his supporters could surly understand that…

4. She is so “mentally unstable” she believes she’s had conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi.

Was she president at the time? No? Didn’t think so. Even if she did (and continued to do so) I’d think whomever is in that position could use all the help they could get! What great people to channel! If she’d been talking to Satan, I’d be a little more leery but she and Trump seem to keep their distance between debates…

5. She hasn’t driven a car since 1996.

OMG. This has so much bearing on becoming a president! How could she? Or couldn’t she… I’m confused. Why does this matter? Being a first lady, she and Bill, like all presidents and first wives receive life long secret service protection. Would it make you feel any better if she said it was one of her regrets about her public life? She can’t drive anymore. You’re welcome.

6. She defended the rapist of a 12 year old girl, got him free of all charges and then laughed about it.

Why is this AFTER the not driving thing? Anyway, have you even looked into that claim? Because that isn’t how the story goes. Interested in what really happened? Find out here on Snopes.

7. She accepted bribes disguised as cattle trades.

In 1978 & 1979. I didn’t read any concrete evidence that this was the case. Perhaps it’s “pure fabrication”.

8. Hillary seems to be “above the law”.

You realize you’re not even stating facts now, right? That’s an opinion. One that I’m sure Donald Trump has of himself.

9. Private email server appears to have been hacked, she is uniquely vulnerable to blackmail by other nations.

Let me ask you something. If your house is broken into and your valuables were stolen, would you go back to using the same shitty security system that didn’t prevent that initial intrusion? Don’t you think security would be your (and her) number one priority? I’m guessing it’s at the top of the list anyway.

10. She’s been quoted as saying “republicans are her enemy”, how will we get anything accomplished if she isn’t willing to work with the republicans?

Did you see or hear the entire quote? Here it is, in case you’re interested in truth… it was a tongue in cheek response to a framed question. Although maybe Trump does have the upper hand on this one. He doesn’t seem to care which side of the political line he insults…

11. “Some people may not like Republicans or Bernie Sanders fans chanting “Lock her up,” but Hillary Clinton didn’t just lie over and over to the American people about her email server; she broke the law and deserves to go to jail. When you take someone who is the living personification of “Important people are above the law” and make her President, what message does it send to the rest of the country? How should we trust a woman who doesn’t even deserve to have a security clearance with the Presidency? Why should anyone else follow the laws when Hillary Clinton gets to skate?”

Is this a joke? Or plain irony… she should go to jail over email yet Trump “gets to skate” on a whole host of illegal activities?

12. Hillary claims she had to run for her life when she landed in Benghazi, instead she met with an 8 year old girl who read her a poem.

Out of the whole Benghazi situation, this is why you shouldn’t vote for Hillary? The only reason I can think that this incident even made the list, is because Trump supporters are grabbing for anything to take the heat off of Trump.

13. Gun Control

I don’t have any illusions about the difficulty of being president. In my ideal world, both parties, all parties would have the country’s best interest at heart. Different ideas on how to get there, but there would be open mindedness and respect. To tell you the truth, by the time I got to number 13 on this list, I couldn’t really read anymore. There was too much disbelief and anger over the ridiculousness of the list… I don’t know if he’s upset because she is for more gun control or she did something shady, I am overwhelmed at the pettiness of these arguments.

Which is also why I stopped after 13, okay after 12. I scanned the rest of the arguments and decided they were too trivial to even waste my time arguing against. Except for number 25. I’ll post that one here and you can make up your own mind, whether or not it changes who you vote for.

25. “After Americans spent the last 8 years being called racists every time they disagreed with Obama, do we really want to spend the next four years being called a sexist every time we disagree with Hillary?”

Something to consider…


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