What She Left Behind

(Not a complete list)

In her bag we found:

An empty planner.

A half a pack of Camel cigarettes.

A notebook full of song lyrics she’d written herself.

A bus pass.

A Starbucks gift card with a balance of $1.03.

A pair of headphones.

Two pairs of ear buds.

Gucci sunglasses.

Several notices to appear in court.

Outside of her belongings:

A funeral bill.

Another case for detectives.

A futon and mattress stained with death.


A legacy of beauty, harmony, love and music.

What She Took With Her:

The hope of a sober relationship with my sister.

The person I grew up with- and the person I was, when with her.

That laugh.

That enthusiasm.

That voice.

Published by spiredone

I am what a majority of the general population would call "crazy" and at this point in my life, I wear that label with love. I am a lifelong circus act. I'm focusing on balance while learning to juggle. I write about deeply overwhelming emotions like grief and I also go out and perform stand up comedy. I am a constant work in progress, as we all are. So, join me on my journey if you'd like but respect is a must. Otherwise I'll have my elephant crush you in the center ring, under the Big Top. :) Seriously, who needs that negative shit in their life? Namaste.

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