I’ve been keeping an eye on the word of the day prompt. The past several days have been as follows: Sanctuary Elusive- Crisis- and today’s word, Unstoppable. I’d been following right along, keeping up, mentally checking in and wondering “do I have enough to say about this?” Enough to post? My initial thoughts… Sanctuary? AContinue reading “Unstoppable?”

The Gift of Powerlessness

“I just wish I KNEW there was nothing more I could’ve done” my mom said to me this morning. “Mom. There WAS NOTHING more ANYONE could’ve done. As a mother, I know you would’ve done anything for her. We all would have. That’s the one thing that haunts me. I can’t help but think, ifContinue reading “The Gift of Powerlessness”

It’s Not Even Thursday

“How are you?” It still sounds like such an asinine question, yet I can’t help myself from asking it. I try to check in with my family on Thursdays. THE day. The past couple of Thursdays I’ve noticed an almost traumatic ┬áresponse to the realization of the day. “Oh shit. It’s Thursday” I’ll think, likeContinue reading “It’s Not Even Thursday”