Shameless Promotion for Rox!

Because she’s the best. Supportive, nurturing, not afraid to critique- gently. She holds a sacred space for writers to come together and learn from one another. She’s awesome & if you want to be awesome too, you’d better sign up for one (or all) of her classes!


She has one opening in each of the following:  Biweekly Wednesday Group and Weekly Friday Women’s Group. Details about each group at:
Intimate gatherings, bright South Minneapolis loft studio, no writing experience necessary, all welcome.     Space Limited.       Pre-registration required.
Friday Morning Women’s Writing Group
10am-12:30pm (ongoing)    $36
Write together, share, peer review, discussion of craft, publishing, and the writing life. Students are encouraged to explore all genres of writing (poetry, memoir and personal essay, fiction, and more) and all are welcome.
Bi-Weekly Wednesday Morning Group
10am-noon (ongoing)            $30
Write together, share, peer review, discussion of craft, publishing, and the writing life. Emphasis on writing as discovery, gifting, and sharing.
8th Annual! Wild Woman Writing Solstice Retreat
Saturday June 18, 2016, 10a-4p    $75
Call/e soon to register/hold your spot: fills fast!
Limit 8
Shimmering Images @ the Loft 
Saturday July 30, 2016, 9a-3p

Hope to write with you soon!


Published by spiredone

I am what a majority of the general population would call "crazy" and at this point in my life, I wear that label with love. I am a lifelong circus act. I'm focusing on balance while learning to juggle. I write about deeply overwhelming emotions like grief and I also go out and perform stand up comedy. I am a constant work in progress, as we all are. So, join me on my journey if you'd like but respect is a must. Otherwise I'll have my elephant crush you in the center ring, under the Big Top. :) Seriously, who needs that negative shit in their life? Namaste.

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