It’s Sinking In

He is gone and I am feeling it. I put up my defenses right away, “I don’t want anyone to tell me they are sorry” I said. I thought it was because it wouldn’t do any good. I wouldn’t know how  to respond… I know? I’m sorry too? But now I’m wondering if it was aContinue reading “It’s Sinking In”

Shameless Promotion for Rox!

Because she’s the best. Supportive, nurturing, not afraid to critique- gently. She holds a sacred space for writers to come together and learn from one another. She’s awesome & if you want to be awesome too, you’d better sign up for one (or all) of her classes!   She has one opening in each of theContinue reading “Shameless Promotion for Rox!”

I Have a Mental Illness & a Child with Special Needs

Welcome to Hell. This morning my daughter got to school. On time. I didn’t see it on the news, but it was huge. Way more important than that political ticker tape that crawled across the bottom of my TV screen on Super Tuesday interrupting an episode of The Voice. I was diagnosed with depression atContinue reading “I Have a Mental Illness & a Child with Special Needs”

The Danger in Teaching Stranger Danger

“Listen to me sweet pea, don’t go up to any creepy looking people offering candy or kittens alright? Remember what we talked about?” “STRANGER DANGER!” “And what else?” “Don’t drop any F bombs in school?” “That’s my smart safety girl!” This is how I imagine our “stranger danger” safety talk would have sounded, if we’dContinue reading “The Danger in Teaching Stranger Danger”

The Gold in The Golden Girls

“Picture it” Minnesota, 2016. A mother shares with her daughter a tradition of friends, feelings and food! This May will mark the 24th year since The Golden Girls closed the book on the four roommates that proved to be more family than anything else and yet my preteen daughter and I still gather around theContinue reading “The Gold in The Golden Girls”